Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Great Horned Owls starring on MPT!

From MDOsprey:

Maryland Public Television's Outdoors Maryland is developing a story piece on Great Horned Owls in Maryland. They hope to obtain video from throughout the nesting season to capture the breeding effort from egg to fledging. The first filming date that they have scheduled is 22 February. I know of a few GHOW nests from past years that I will quickly revisit to determine if they are active this year.

To assist MPT, if anyone knows of active GHOW nests that you would be willing to pass on, we would appreciate it. To make the piece more interesting, we would like to have nests in a variety of locations to add to the possible visual diversity of the story. If you have locations to pass on, please contact me (dbrinker@dnr.state.md.us) off the list so that we do not indiscriminately put the subject owls at risk from over visitation.

By the way, if you do know of active nests, whether you pass them to me or not, please make certain that you enter your observations on them into the Breeding Bird Atlas, now in this its final year.

On behalf of MPT, thank you for your assistance with this effort!

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