Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Helping Birds in a Summer Heat Wave

During heat waves like the current week's, many birds suffer from heat illness, just like humans. To keep cool, birds will seek shade, pant, hold their wings away from their body, and bathe. You can help the birds around your home deal with the heat by taking a few steps.
  • Provide sources of water for drinking and bathing. Remember that smaller birds prefer shallow water. Some ideas for providing water are here. Empty and refresh the water to keep it clean and free of mosquito larvae.
  • Clean hummingbird feeders and refresh their sugar water regularly. Very warm conditions can lead to the growth of dangerous bacteria and fungi.
  • Keep any seed feeders clean of refuse where germs could breed and spread.

Remember to keep yourself safe by following the CDC's heat illness guidelines.

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Anonymous said...

A nest of 7 hatchlings died from the heat wave in MD on June 10. The nest was inside a small wooden birdhouse. I wonder if these (sparrow?) small birds would be better off nesting in a more natural way...
It is indeed a sad hot day.